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Dark Clouds

The Observation Room is an experimental fusion of immersive theatre and kink, daring guests to become active participants in exhilarating stories and erotic fever dreams beyond their wildest imaginations.

Though our experiences are for individuals of all identifications, we are proudly led and operated primarily by LGBTQ+ folks and professionals within the fetish sphere, including dominatrices and kink performers.

Our Team

A medium shot with a slight pink hue of a blonde woman with a blackwork shoulder tattoo looking slightly down at the viewer. She is wearing a white nurse's cap, dark pink lingerie, and a semi-translucent black vinyl apron with chain detail. She has nitrile black gloves on, and is pulling one glove on.
A femme-presenting genderqueer person sits in a black throne, leaning forward towards the viewer. She is wearing black Dr. Martens boots, black vinyl gloves with silver metal claws, a red vinyl jacket, and a black vinyl captain's hat with metal trim and chains hanging down onto the brim. She is wearing dark red lipstick with a black accent line down the center of her bottom lip.
A pink and purple image of a curvy, purple-haired woman seated on a silver cylindrical chair enshrined by white translucent fabric and flowers. She is wearing black sparkle stiletto heels, black leg wraps, a purple scale-pattern bodysuit, and a black mesh corset. The floor is black and white checkerboard.

Raven Gray

Creator / Creative Director / Executive Producer

Raven Gray is a queer Professional Dominatrix, fetish performer, and graphic designer with a background in photography, media management, marketing, and promotion.

Her love for immersive theater combined with a desire to captivate kinky-inclined audiences in a new way led her to conceptualize the OBSERVATION ROOM, where she utilizes her knowledge of BDSM event production and her own artistic prowess to cultivate captivating experiences for both veteran and curious kinksters.

Wiley Wolfe

Creator / Story Director / Executive Producer

Wiley Wolfe is a gay and genderqueer Professional Dominant, fetish performer, internationally-recognized BDSM educator, and community event organizer focused on the enticing intersection of film and kink.

With 5 years in BDSM event organization and management, as well as 10 years in all stages of development, production, and writing for film and television, she has committed her life to immersing others in new worlds.


This primed her to co-create the ambitious OBSERVATION ROOM, where she aims to curate stories and experiences that merge the thrill of immersive theater with the empowering taboo of BDSM.

Goddess Nyx

Creative Director / Technical Director / Producer

Goddess Nyx is a queer Professional Dominatrix and fetish performer with a background in graphic design, woodworking, and technical production.

Through her photography business, Neon Nightmares, she specializes in capturing images that merge high art fashion with technicolor fever dreams.

By bringing her skills to the OBSERVATION ROOM, she endeavors to elevate each production through bigger builds, immersive tech, and enrapturing visuals.

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