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Surgical Lights


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  • Is this a BDSM play party or a haunted house?
    Neither. We do not allow open play at our events, and it is not a fetish stage show with immersive theming. However, it is also not a typical haunted house. Think of the Observation Room like being thrust into a kinky horror movie, where you are one of the characters! It is somewhat similar to an "extreme" haunt, if you're familiar with those. But we are not physically aggressive with you, and it is more psychologically intense than truly extreme. Depending on the show, you may enter an open world or be part of a smaller group's contained journey. Either way, you will be able to inspect props to discover clues, interact with actors, and witness scenes with heavy adult/BDSM themes. You may even find yourself a willing participant in those scenes, or pulled away to a more intimate private experience. Your experience depends on how you choose to engage. The choice is yours.
  • What is immersive theatre? How is this different from some other immersive theatre experiences?
    In an immersive theatre production, the audience in some way plays a role, whether that is the role of witness or the role of an actual character. They may be allowed to roam and explore the performance space as the performance happens around them, allowing them to decide what they see and what they skip. They might be herded from room to room so they see the key scenes. They might even be invited to become a more active part of the performance. The lines between performer and audience and between performance and life are blurred. The audience is placed within the environment of the story and therefore play witness front and centre to the events. Your experience depends on how you choose to participate. Depending on how you choose to engage with/respond to the actors, you may receive different treatment from them. You can also choose to be more of a wallflower. Your decisions, and your answers to questions, matter. Our production formats vary between the options listed above, and are different from show to show. The ticket page or promotional info for the show you want to attend will always endeavor to make this clear. In general, our experiences aim to merge kink and immersive in a way that centers consent, transparency, and inclusivity. Our experience promotions maintain a level of mystery for those who want it, but if you would prefer to know more don't mind a few spoilers, we're an open book. We would rather give you the information you need to feel confident in attending than keep things shrouded in secret. We are also created, operated, and staffed almost exclusively by LGBTQ+ folks, sex workers, and Professional Dominatrices. Our cast is entirely queer, connected in kink community, and intimately familiar with consent practices within the BDSM sphere. We are always working to make our shows represent as many different people and bodies as possible. By attending our shows, you are in safe, experienced hands while supporting queer freak creativity and expression!
  • Is there an age requirement to attend?
    Yes. You must be at least 21 to attend.
  • What should I wear?
    Please see the ticket page for the event you are attending for that event's specific dress code.
  • What are your rules?
    We have a few important rules to ensure the best possible experience during your visit. Guests who fail to follow these rules will be removed from the event and premises with no refund. We expect you to be respectful towards our staff and performers at all times. This event is created and operated primarily by LGBTQ+ folks. All are welcome, but all are expected to help make this a safe space. Sexism, transphobia, racism, and other forms of bigotry will not be tolerated. Do not touch anyone, whether they be staff or guest, unless invited. During a BDSM scene, you are to stay at least a few feet back unless invited to approach and/or participate by a performer. Nothing in the event space is meant to be kept by guests unless you are explicitly told to keep it. Please put all props back when you are done interacting with them, and do not take them home. Do not bring alcoholic beverages, weapons, drugs, or pets onto the premises. We also highly discourage drinking to the point of intoxication. No photos or videos are permitted. You may be asked to leave cell phones and loose items in your car or somewhere safe. Smoking of any kind is not permitted while in the show. Our events will have opportunities for smoking before and after the show. There will be no ins and outs during the show unless for emergency reasons. This is not a play party. No play between guests is permitted.
  • What are your COVID-19 policies?
    Guests will be required to sign a waiver before entering the experience, which includes an understanding that attending any event has the risk of illness, including COVID-19. All staff and actors are up to date on vaccinations. See the ticket page for the event you are attending for that event's Covid policy.
  • I heard that Professional Dominatrices are part of this. Can I book a one-on-one session during the event?
    No. Our staff is here to perform, not to provide individual experiences or sessions. Soliciting private sessions during the event will result in your immediate removal with no refund. If you would like to see a Professional one-on-one, please reach out to them with a respectful request via their preferred method of contact outside of the event.
  • Will there be food/drinks served?
    See the ticket page for the event you wish to attend for this answer, as it varies depending on the event. In either case, we highly recommend not arriving on an empty stomach.
  • How long will the experience last?
    About 2 hours. Please allocate some time after the experience to decompress in your final location.
  • How can I get involved with the Observation Room?
    We are always open to new staff, talent, and volunteers who are aligned with our vision. To express your interest, email us at Please note that "getting involved as talent" is not an opportunity to simply receive free kink play. Our talent base is comprised of individuals with legitimate acting and kink performance experience who are executing an artistic craft, not kink session clients.
  • Where do your events take place?
    We typically host our events at locations in West Hollywood. The address and entrance info will be listed on your ticket.
  • What is the parking situation like?
    We will provide parking recommendations after you purchase your ticket. Depending on the location, there may be paid parking lots available nearby. But the safest bet is to always expect parking availability to be limited. We recommend carpooling or using a ride-share service to minimize any difficulties. If you are visiting us from far away, you may also consider parking at a paid lot around the area, and then taking a ride-share service from that point.
  • What accessibility information should I be aware of?
    Please see your event's ticket page for that event's specific information. This is a general response. VISUALS Our visuals may include colored lighting, flickering lights, blacklights, and LED lights. We do not use strobe lights. We may employ the use of a hazer or low-intensity smoke machine, when there is adequate ventilation. PHYSICAL Some event venues are ADA compliant, while others involve stairs (with handrails), uneven tarmac, and tight spaces. There are no elevators. We provide seating options whenever possible. Events longer than 2 hours provide access to a bathroom. Events that are 2 hours or shorter will not. PARKING Limited. We recommend taking a rideshare service, carpooling, or paying for parking at a nearby lot and ridesharing from that point if you can to minimize any parking difficulties. AUDITORY Expect an overall intense-to-unnerving audio experience. There will be disposable ear plugs available at check-in if you feel you may become overwhelmed. If you have accessibility needs or questions, please contact us at We will work with you to determine whether the experience you wish to attend is a good fit for you, as well as whether or not we can make accommodations. We will always do our best.

Don't see your question? Ask us directly HERE!

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