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An Experimental Fusion of Immersive Theater and Kink


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multiple show runs. July 27-August 6.

"The Observation Room is a remarkable, kinky immersive experience: a play happening across multiple rooms that you cannot possibly experience all of, that you and your friends have to piece together."
- H.N.
"It was so fun to witness all of the scenes! I wanted to see it all. I was in awe of how much energy and planning must have gone into this show. So impressed."
- E. G.,
"A deliciously wet dream troubling experience."
- j.
"Enjoyed TF out of last night!! Thank You for creating such an incredible experience"
- M.N., Dominatrix
"As a lover of mysteries, cooperative roleplay, storytelling, and delightfully devious kink, I’m sold on any future experiences."
- s.A.

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